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AT first glance, the X-29 looks like a fumbled model airplane – the kind youngsters make when they lose the instructions. Even the aircraft’s chief designer, Glenn Spacht, has compared the X-29 concept to that of an arrow hurled feathers-first.

BERLIN (AP) — A pilot has traced a virtual Christmas tree over Germany on a test flight with an Airbus A380. Airbus spokesman Heiko Stolzke told news agency dpa Thursday that the nearly 5½-hour flight the previous day was "a.

Synopsis of FAA pilot Medical requirements, page 1 of 2, vision, hearing, mental, substance abuse, blood pressure, heart, cardiovascular, tips and information on the.

The US Federal Aviation Administration said it is not close to approving test flights of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner with a proposed fix for the plane’s troubled batteries, denying news reports that such tests could start as early as next week.

A recent test for a flying car went horribly. "A company which owns a SkyRunner was performing a routine flight on Friday when it came in contact with a.

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Budget carrier SpiceJet has sent an expat pilot back to home after he allegedly failed in the mandatory pre-flight alcohol test. The pilot, a first officer, had been working for a Turkish carrier, which has wet-leased some of its aircraft to the.

A pilot was pulled off a flight with 274 passengers moments before takeoff because he failed a breathalyzer test. A flight on Sri Lanka’s national airline going from Frankfurt, Germany, to Columbo, Sri Lanka, was delayed for 15 hours Friday.

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These tests are meant to ensure that only perfectly sober pilots fly planes. "We have received intimation that a senior executive pilot has evaded pre-flight medical test in last 15 days at Delhi Airport. This information has already been.

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DAYTON, Ohio — Ohio and Indiana have teamed up to pursue a federal site for research into unmanned aircraft, popularly known as drones. The Ohio Department of Transportation, which has its own, squirrel-sized drone, is leading Ohio’s.

Private Pilot Course UFS provides private pilot training in accordance with FAA regulations. These regulations dictate the following requirements for the private.

Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic spaceship exploded in mid-air on Friday, killing a test pilot and seriously injuring another. The craft exploded over the Mojave desert in California during its first powered test flight for nine months after.

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The FAA MedXPress system allows anyone requesting an FAA Medical Clearance or Medical Certificate to electronically complete an application.

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BERLIN (AP) — A pilot has traced a virtual Christmas tree over Germany on a test flight with an Airbus A380. Airbus spokesman Heiko Stolzke told news agency dpa Thursday that the nearly 5½-hour flight the previous day was "a.

Please enable Javascript to watch this video TETERBORO – Representatives from towns across Bergen County turned out to a public meeting at a Port Authority facility in Teterboro on Wednesday to urge the Federal Aviation.

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A pilot got into the Christmas spirit while test flying an Airbus A380 for Dubai airline Emirates by drawing a giant Christmas tree in the sky on a flight path over Germany. According to Flightradar, the plane set off from Hamburg’s.

United States officials are investigating the crash of a Virgin Galactic spaceship in the Mojave Desert in California, which has killed one pilot and injured another. SpaceShipTwo, a suborbital passenger spaceship being developed by.

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Altavian and NPUASTS have previously conducted flight tests with Technical Capability. The Northern Plains UAS.

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As the FAA no longer publishes complete test banks, the test banks provided here, just like at all free sites, can only give you a brief taste of the real thing.